Zegist Chat with Arihilam Francis: Emotional intelligence


Once self awareness is established, self regulation follows.

This is understanding how to protect yourself from hurt and protect others too.

So you are angry, you express the displeasure not the pain because there is a difference between “taking your mind” and communicating your feelings


:thinking: more like acting and not reacting! Does temperament build up affect emotional intelligence?


Guys are at Liberty to create a new culture that allows to be human.

This is the movement of mental health that I and a host of those are advocating.

There is enough initiative teaching the girl child how to grow up appropriately but little educating the boy what it means to evolve into manhood.


Depression is on the rise in the workplace around the world and statics has it that Lagos Nigeria is the third most stressful city to live in.

This means that employers of labour must give priority to mental health care by first exhibiting EMPATHY.


I will draw the curtain here.

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It’s quite agreeable yet arguable seeing that there are good and bad emotions e.g Happiness, anger, sadness,weeping, spite, fear…
On Fear, I’m yet to see a female electrician, it seems the fear of electric shock abounds more in women. On weeping, we find the feminine gender crying and weeping more at burials, if that’s not a show then they certainly show more of that emotion.


Emotional intelligence is a skill that can be acquired by anyone


There really isn’t. Same as how girls are brought up to be modest and all but boys are allowed to do as they wish.


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As a therapist and a person who studies culture and social behavior, I know that everytime we qualify a whole with a part we always come out wrong in the end.

There are female electrician, truck drivers and others the list is endless.

On Fear.

Fear is legitimate in my book the “Art of Living”
I define fear as not being



Firm or former

Fear is legitimate and comes to all human s because of either personal past experiences or third party experience


Q; how will you advice CEOs to handle different staffs with their emotions so has to enhance productivity in the company? @arihilam_francis


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There should be a HUMAN RESOURCE department in every forward thinking firm.

Regardless of the size of the business there should be a person or a group of people whose job is to monitor the behavioral competency of the staff.

The job of this person or persons will be to ensure team bonding sessions and EI workshops that will present the organization with data that clear shows the emotions or her people and how mental health care interventions can come in.

Conflict Management is another way to gather data on the emotional performance of employees.

People with emotional issues need help but sometimes they are not consciously aware


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