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Hello good people of Zegist.

So I mentioned on our 2018 goals that we intend to give out N5K worth of data to the member that refers the most traffic to Zegist on the last day of every month. We need more people on our platform and I will really love us to make this happen.

So far @mira is getting close to @pretyprexy this month.

To get your name on this list click the link icon to share our content on Facebook or Twitter.


The "A" Challenge!
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:clap::clap: @Mira keep shooting your shot, you will get there! Everyone get in here and grab this oppourtunity… N5000 worth of data? Damn!!!

I know @evansakanno will kuku not give me again… :face_with_head_bandage::sweat:


Oshey :raised_hands:

Lol… I was innocently sharing the post :joy::joy::joy:


I think this is free and fair govt.


Oya o, the reward for hardwork is more work…

All hands on deck!


:joy::joy: Oshey! But anyways, even if i get to win or not, i’ll prefer its given to the next person aside me… So i exempt myself off this for this month…

So no matter what comes up in the next stats, the next person after me wins… :grinning: thats if i was 1st o…


Perfect clause




I am thinking, should we convert this to a Zegist Rewards program where the member that shares our stories the most on facebook, twitter and whatsapp gets N5000 to their bank account every month instead of airtime? What do you think?

  • N5000 to bank account
  • N5000 in airtime

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tchai!! Seems like i’ll be active on other platforms henceforth


On the leaderboard this month we have @mira @fola @pretyprexy @Oluwarufus @habeebsanni @atynukeh @Shona @KubasuInyanya and @Aje

Where is @Kiitan @Aniekan @judy @NaijaLander @Ennmae

My secret sause is to share stories that are relevant to my audience. Like on Facebook and linkedin I share business related stories.


Maaaan :woman_facepalming:t5::woman_facepalming:t5: this is where my marketing and persuasive skills fail me. Even my love story sef I’ll start sourcing for votes @evansakanno




Start from whatsapp work your way into Facebook, twitter, instagram


Hello @Everybody

Welcome to March, we have a few updates we have made to Zegist reward system and I thought we could discuss them here. From our cost analysis, it makes more business sense to evenly distribute the growth of the zegist community to its members by adopting the reward based marketing approach.

We intend to reward our members every month for creating, interacting and sharing content. This is a new approach for forums and our goal is to encourage people to write compelling stories people can learn from and earn residual income from making contributions.

For a use case, @mira has been a super contributor and has earned the following in February 2018.

Top Influencer: Referring the highest amount of people to zegist in one month by sharing content. - N5000
Valentine Love Story: For writing the most engaging love story and top story of the month. - N10000
2 Tickets to Black Panther: For inviting the most amount of users to zegist. - N4000

Zegist rewards are granted on the last day of every month and winners receive ₦5,000, ₦3,000 and ₦2,000 or $15, $10 and $5 for international members.

Top Author

We are rewarding the authors of the top 3 engaging stories in a month. This is automatically calculated based on high amount of likes, replies and views on a topic. Check out the current top stories.

Top Influencer

granted to our top three members that refer people to zegist by sharing content across facebook, twitter, whastapp or email. All you have to do is click the link icon (beside the love icon)

Zegist Ads

We have currently disabled Zegist ads from displaying to members who have spent over a year on zegist contributing and interacting with members.


We created a group for everyone so we can mention everyone on the go when there are very important announcements. Don’t worry only admins can tag everyone and it will be only when there is a need to do so.


I just started today o but I hope to partake. The story must be the person original or copied ? Don’t worry, I will catch up


Actually your story must not be original. The idea is to promote the culture of storytelling thereby helping people become better writers.


I love this. And I hope we also attract better readers.

Everybody should also try to like posts when they read them. Don’t be stingy with your likes ehn? It’s not food. Encourage other people to do better and also try to contribute more on posts, even if it’s something funny. Let us all grow the community together. My two cents


You just had to say food? :joy::joy::joy:

On a serious note, this is a beautiful idea. I really hope I’d be able to stitch up my writing skill and put out something here someday.


You know how we roll now :joy::joy: