Zegist Rewards


Yes but by different parameters.


what parameters?


I believe you have specific goals for the platform, some of which are not being met by the current reward indexes. Team members shouldn’t just be able to do what normal subscribers can do, they should be able to chart strategies that produce results that the average subscriber can’t produce. Create parameters around these for them so that when they meet these goals they get really good rewards.

P.S: This should only concern those directly working on Zegist. Other team members are free to earn.


You’re making sense :raised_hands:t3: :raised_hands:t3:


Hmmm… This is making sense


Tayo for President :raised_hands:

Those working on Zegist should be exempted from the reward program.

This doesn’t mean they should be missing on the leader board though, because being on the leaderboard is also part of their job. But the other team members at Cregital should be allowed to participate.


I absolutely agree that they should be allowed to benefit if and when they are making inputs in the community.


Hi Evans,

Errm, to be honest, it kind of feels like being a staff of Cregital has a benefit or gives a sort of edge as a Zegist member because after all, Cregital runs Zegist right?

But then again, it’s almost like saying that being a staff of Facebook gives you an edge on Facebook as a user or being a staff of Google, gives you a head-start of popularity on Google+… it may actually when you do think about it and it may really not at all - so it’s debatable really.

However, for us here on Zegist, I think it’s totally cool for members of the team at Cregital be able to earn from the Zegist Rewards so long as the “earning” process is the same across board.
By that I mean that there is no “algorithm” advantage to a member’s ranking on Zegist because he or she is a Cregital staff or has access to Zegist’s backend controls.
I guess, I should say that I am thinking from the technical aspects of how websites like this works… just saying…

Either way though, I’m cool…


To be clear, are Cregital members allowed to participate in this vote?


Everyone is allowed for the vote


@Slimfatima welcome to the top 10 influencers on Zegist.



@Slimfatima @oliverbella @Khadijah @Youralibi1 @Kontender @Wealth_King @NaijaLander @Otumininu, well-done!!

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I’ve been so lazy with sharing o. They will soon kick me off :rofl::rofl:


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I come against every spirit of laziness in us. 🤦


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It’s quite unfortunate I don’t understand what you people are talking about but luckily, I’m among those shortlisted. Does that mean I’m going to get some reward?


@Dapomola, the reward program is off for this month, right?

If so, dear Bella, keep up with your sharing. If you are amongst the first three persons on the leaderboard next month, then you will surely get rewarded.

Don’t stop sharing!

Read this.


Hey Mira, yes it is.


Be there and be shaking tables u hear


Wawu!!! I made the list for once