Zegist Rewards


You’ve not yet repented :joy:

It’s so good to have you back here btw :blush:


Welcome home sha. Ehen based on statistics people of the world have been checking this your topic a bit too much in the past two years


Yea…saw it. Any reward for that?

Kaii i use style like money shaa.


:joy: we didnt decide any


You better decide now cos i’m back. Fully loaded to keep zegst trending especially on Facebook


okay oo… have you met @mira, she’s the one eating up most of the zegist rewards.

Here is the current chart,

It will take a lot to replace her…lol


I will have to propose marriage to her, so we can enjoy her “loot” from Zegist together…

@Mira will u marry me? I have #1,000 in my account. We will start from there!


Please can I apply to be your daughter or any suitable position? So that the love can go round :joy::joy:


The ONLY available position now is Sugar Mummy. Since you’re a babe, you may be considered for that position



Money that I’m coming for is what you’re asking from me :joy::joy::joy::joy:


@Kachie and @Efe wehdon o. :joy::joy:


Because i cant finish this big money, i will just wait till it is stepped down to #2.50k
Thank you Admin!


Which money?


The 10million naira :joy:


Hi @Efe, this is how to go about it.



hello @ogeh47 welcome to the influencers club.
Cheers to @mira @Otumininu, @Youralibi1 and our very own @NaijaLander .
You guys are motivating us to keep growing zegist.


Oh yes, thank you so much my people! I’m coming straight to the top!!!


Are you jealous?


lol… of what??


Or are u “afraiding” or “afraided”? You’re d main chick… @Kachie isa side chick!