Zegist Rewards


You’re doing me like this just because of money. This is not the love you promised me o :joy::joy::joy:


This is the kind of love your mama warned you about, baby.

You are in trouble. Side chick?? :ok_woman::ok_woman:


Sisi, he promised me better wedding o. :joy::joy::joy:


Bro @Efe, you can’t promise my sis and fail o

It’s an abomination in our land. Come for cleansing


Kwakwakwa u pipo won’t kee me…
So one cannot flirt with peace of mind?
@Mira u’re denying me shebi?
@Kachie oya cum lez go to d oza room
& settle


How do one share on whatsapp?


Copy the link address by clicking the link icon, then paste on whatsapp. Maybe your status or as DMs


We are building a more convenient share feature. We will notify everyone when its ready.


Yeepie, so we can compete easily.


Hello @Everybody , today @Udy_Inyang has made the top 5 stories on zegist.

If she continues like this she will earn 10k, 7k and 3k for 1st 2nd and 3rd top posts in a . month.

Is this a loophole in our reward system or not?

  • It’s okay for someone to earn 20k for all top posts
  • No it’s not okay for someone to earn 20k for all top posts

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Top Influencers & Authors - March 2018

I have no idea. I guess she’s earning it so why not.


So let me explain better…

Today is March 14th and @Udy_Inyang made the top 5 trending topics.

You can see this for yourself when you click on Top and select the period.

So by this, one can win 20k from top 3 top stories and then 10k from top influencer.


What about the quality of the content? can we use that as a criteria?


I concur.


Great thought, but with what scale or mechanism would content be measured? That’ll be an igneous nut for the admins to crack.


I don’t even understand how this works. But if she meets the criteria, then I guess she can have the cash. Except someone else beats her to it.


So the thing is quality of content nowadays is measured by the interaction on it.

‘Last word game’ could be top while what is followed is ‘Giving birth thru c section’

Its a mix of the amount of interaction your post can gain.

The good part is subconsciously zegisters will know how to curate better content which is a great skill these days.


@judy its simple,

Just go to homepage and click on top, you’ll see the top stories for any period.

Let me know if its clearer now


Hey @Mira watch your back… The clock is ticking. Anyways, enjoy while it last.


Here is the latest on the leaderboard

@Otumininu is not playing mehn!!! @Mira she is coming for the top. @habeebsanni @Oluwarufus @afolabiabass and @ogeh47 is also topping charts.:raised_hands:t4::raised_hands:t4::raised_hands:t4:

Ehen @Youralibi1 @habeebsanni has been calling you Yoruba Alibi. :joy::joy::joy: