Zegist Rewards


lol… that was what I thought it was last year o… Then one day, I decided to look at the name well :joy::joy:


Mehn! I dey hail o @Otumininu. You are doing a great job, ma.


I’m learning from you @Mira



No o… The student has surpassed the master in this case. I greet you, ma.


lol… see threat.

I will :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::joy:


Clear. So it’s all about creating topics continuously… I initially thought it was the topic with the highest amount of views,comments and likes @evansakanno


Its more about ensuring you are creating quality content that people will view (based on a good title), comment, their comments will make sense that people will like them, then it also provokes people to share it multiple times.

This actually is the goal for any content person. If you can do this well, you can sell anything online and grow businesses.

See the latest shot.

This has changed because the post about the pregnant stranger has gained lots of more engagement


same with me…I thought so too😯


LMAO, I just died!


@evansakanno, I think I have a concern I’d like to voice :thinking:. This attachment of rewards to post is causing something o. I come online and I’m seeing like 16 tags. And I might actually not be able to read all the topics. It gets really annoying because sometimes all these tags are from a single person! I don’t know sha but it’s now looking like a competition (nothing wrong with that) but to me, it’s not fun this way. If there’s nothing you can do about it then can you please tell me how I can mark all as read instead of having to open all 16 notifications? :smirk: 'cos as the thing dey go so ehn, person fit no even open any notification again (I’m not talking about sharing of Zegist posts on other social media. I’m talking about the rewards attached to the creation of posts here on Zegist)


Hello my dear @Kiitan, I understand your feelings.
Here is how to mark all notifications as read;

  • Click on your profile photo
  • Click on the (arrow down) icon below all notificationns
  • On Notifications page, click Dismiss All


Hello @Everybody based on recent concerns about getting too many notifications, I would like us to vote on the maximum topics a zegister can create per day. At the moment it is set to 20.

  • 5
  • 10

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A day? Ahhh 20 is much ooooo…I say 5


I call 5


@evansakanno I would even say 2 topics per day. It’s really not going to be fun if we get to have about 50 topics created in a day just because people want post engagement. The more the topics, the lesser the engagement as many won’t be interested to open the different topics. If we set 5 and 20 people try to create at least 3 topics in a day, that’s 60. Moreover, just last night I saw someone created about 10 or more topics in less than an hour I think. The money is the problem and I understand the essence of the engagement. Let’s work out a balance.


Thank you for your opinion. I really value this feedback.
Let others vote on this.


@olukotung God bless you for that contribution, I only voted 5⃣ because I didn’t find 2⃣ as an option. We have a plethora of zegist denizens now, it wasn’t like 2⃣ years ago when the population was about a handful of active members, it is really becoming irritating how new topics are created at seconds space by one person. I hope you guys can buy my suggestion, let’s have a max of 2⃣ topics per zegister daily or let the money prize be canceled.


Oh no!! I do not mean the five to be like 5multiplied by 10 equals 50. I mean the maximum topics a day on zegist thread should be five because one topic alone can create so much traffic such as that one about a guy impregnating a uniben babe. And the one @olukotung created about contraceptive is yet to be fully analysed.


I’ll say 2 per person because the topic notifications i get everyday is sitting a little bit on the border of annoying and unreasonable


I think 2 posts per person each day is better, so that we can focus on each topic. Or 1 post for new users and 2 posts for active users. Active users should be able to post more than new users. 5 posts per person is too much sef because just yesterday we had about 20 something people online. Imagine if they all decided to create posts (5 multiplied by 20something :face_with_raised_eyebrow::roll_eyes:)

We have a lot of users now albeit not so active but are here for the money (which is okay), but it shouldn’t be so easy getting the money.
Leaving it open to 20 topics per day is too much and too easy I must say.

I skip some posts when I see the frequency and only focus on the one that had a lot of replies. I’ve been on observation mode lately sha and thank God @Kiitan pointed it out.
If na exam questions sef person go tire :grin::grin:
I’m sure you feel me.