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Still on the notification ish, I also feel the same way concerning the “@everybody” feature now. It’s like it’s being abused small small. Based on my preferences, I’m not interested in all the topics on Zegist. It makes more sense if the “@“ feature is personalized and people are called to a topic based on their interests or a similar topic they created/comment they made somewhere. For example, “@drew coman see what your soul sister @judy said”. Makes more sense. Stop calling me to everything.

The @everybody feature can be used for public announcements. Not for topics that have obvious answers. Thanks :grin:


It’s gradually becoming too hectic to follow conversations and some topics are already being renamed and posted again. e.g Should prostitution be legalized…(2) topics in one day. This regulation is will really let us analyse and engage conversations to a conclusion.


I am in support of 2topics per person, but I don’t think the @everybody feature is being abused. Reason being that, our attention is only called to topics that probably someone needs an advice or we are all to share an experience.

It wasn’t abused. For instance, it wasn’t used in a topic asking if you’re a morning or night person… That question is left for anyone interested to answer.

In as much as you don’t like being included when everybody is being mentioned, some persons feel left out when they ain’t mentioned. Thus, they feel the person mentioning people is being partial.

You may think a topic has obvious answers until you begin to see that people have their different views on that topic.

My two cents though. :v:


I used to feel this way when tagging people until the “everybody” feature was created.


In summary the everybody tag has its advantages and disadvantages


I don’t think the issue is so much the number of posts an individual can create. I get email notifications for every comment on a thread I have commented on. That goes beyond the topic creator. So can the notifications be bunched to once a day? There can still be an “as it happens” options for those who are interested. But others can have daily notifications, maybe in the morning for things that happened the previous day (“see what you missed”). And when the mobile app is ready, this shouldn’t be an issue as people should be able to turn off email notifications and only depend on the app pulling their notifications or mentions.


We should not have any limits. We need content, we can’t have it if we limit posts. Thanks.


See how you just contradicted yourself… Unku we have sense na :smirk::smirk:

Because we need content doesn’t mean we should welcome every content. Limiting the topics would make people post meaningful topics if they really want to earn money. After all we have 30-31days a month. That’s 30 or more posts per person in a month and people would still air their views. That’s okay.


Noted. Maybe we should start sifting through new threads to avoid duplicates. Either ways I’m sure we can manage.


I’m happy to see @olukotung, @enigma (you’re one of the many few that can talk about 2 years ago, Twale) and @thelovedoctor.

I agree with y’all (@9feae7b4e781a48a2792 inclusive)

We’ll look into

  1. How to balance quantity and quality regardless of the reward attached.
  2. And ensure context & interest, maybe limit [at]everyone to certain posts/user level.

Thank you for your feedback.


Yes…the disadvantage being that some people may not like it and see it as intrusive, especially when they’re not interested in the topics.


I suggest that an opt out option from a Topic should be created to avoid much piled up notification, it gets tiring. Imagine when i woke up today, I saw bunch of notifications from topics I have lost interest in and opened some to reduce it. If there’s a need for you back there the tag method can be used to get the person back and if the person is still interested, he/she can still opt in. Cos someone like me will keep having the feeling of "I still have a lot of undone work "


The option is actually available @Chum_Sky.
You may click on “Tracking” at the bottom of every post to set the option that suits you best.


OK. Thanks, I appreciate. Cos everything kept piling up I started complaining. :joy:


Exactly @Enigma Let’s also have the money prize concealed. But if concealing the prize ain’t gonna work @evansakanno we can have a maximum number of topic that can be shared by a zegister for every month; maybe 10/months or even 5/months. Some may due to the daily limit restrictions, keep trying their luck for engagement everyday so they can end up being a winner at the month end. From a community of over 2000 people, 2 topics per day by 10 people for at least 20 days out of 30 would amount to 400 topics in a month. Mehn, that’s wayyyyyy much.


@Oluwarufus my brother, I just say I shuuu come and learn from the gems on board naa ni fa. I trust your capacity with the team in making the right call. :muscle:


33 people presently online @evansakanno. Now imagine if all 33 of us decides to create 5 topics each day or even 2 times a week with notifications

Na to run oh. Person like me go just dey on night cruise, observation mode activated :grin:


Look at this Brother oooo. You that we are looking forward to your thread on daily nuggets.

I catch the drift but I’m thinking, maybe this is the part where we all embrace engagement based on categories instead of the current home feed of recent posts. #LoudThought

Once again, @Judy, we’ll look into the best experience for every Zegister.


This means we can reward top post based on a particular category. I love this cos it means more diverse topics. I really really love this idea.

Not everyone can summon the whole zegist nation. This is currently limited to moderators and admins.
@mira joined moderators in order to help out with the birthdays and help categorise stories better when they are created. We also need them to help with duplicate topics. As well as to help @yeye out with managing the community.

Essentially I use the Everybody tag to notify all zegisters about an important feature or announcement. We have had one to many updates to zegist recently so you’ve been mentioned a number of times.

This will no longer happen, we will keep an open eye for duplicate “users” and “topics” cc @Enigma @mira @yeye


What about the features for saving a particular post cos u never want to loose its contents?