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Just click on the Bookmarks icon… It is found inside Topic controls on mobile. Close to the Reply button.


I also suggest that the mute button should be brought up cos some post comments are too long we have to keep scrolling after so many comments and loading just to reach there and mute.
For example :

A total number of 348 comments. For me to start scrolling from one to 348, I am too lazy for that. 🤦🏽. I am not saying I am muting his comments o, it’s an example o.


Forgive my constant use of polls. I believe in true democracy.

I want us to have another voting on maximum number of topics per user per day.

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At the moment only moderators and admins are able to mention everybody but the worry is, for users that feel left out when they are not mentioned. If Everyone can mention everyone, people will mention us on ads someday. Brands can use this for spamming too.

If you have very important information we think everyone should be aware of, tag @admin and we will review.

@zegisters please give your opinion.


This is our to run a country! @evansakanno will make a good President one day if you have consider politics. :grin::running_man: #NotTooYoungToRun


Why do we need a maximum number ?


Zegist Nation toh sure. I am not considering politics though. It is very difficult for a good man to lead.

@NaijaLander I understand this is not the case for major social networks. Truth is I am worried about the huge notifications I get too. I want this to be a sane community.

You know we need the topics to drive engagement and more diverse opinions but then, quality content.


Exactly! You don’t have to always create new topics. You can as well engage in all other discussions. Seriously, I love Zegist as a of kind elitist community with intelligent conversations. But with the new incentives, the drive to engage has increased and this may just drive people nuts.


Quality content is the goal. I’ve always thought there should be a restriction to the kind of topics that should be allowed any ways.

Subsequently that would change per time.
Well done @Zegist @admin


:joy::joy::joy::joy: I’ve not laughed this hard in a while :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:




About the repetition of topics, I think there’s a way it can be managed and with time, stopped.

In as much as we need contents, there’s a need for quality contents too. Everybody must not create a topic (reward attached or not). However, everyone is free to create a topic.

If you notice, some topics have about 5-6 threads due to repetition. Thus, I suggest that before anyone creates a topic, he/she should input the topic of discussion he/she wants for the new topic on the search column, related topics would come up, and if possible, you can add your recent opinion about the topic on the already existing thread. Now, that re-awakens that topic and others can also join in the conversation.

For instance, you saw some funny tweets and you wish to share it with us, you can type tweets via the search column to see if there’s a thread like that already.

Please, @zegisters needs to read this. There’s a need for a sane environment.


I’m in support of this! Before we turn Zegist into a market square


@ogeh47 can this be automated ? Like for example when creating a new topic, compare the name of the topic with existing topics.


I understand what Mira is requesting for, So i will definitely look into making this happen. It would be an awesome feature to have.


“If they don’t take care of us, who else will?” With @ogeh47, be absolutely sure!!! Thanks, you guys are doing a great job!! @zegist :raised_hands::raised_hands::raised_hands:


Please we need more people to vote here.

I need to know if it’s 2 or 5.


The Zegist Influencer leaderboard is looking really interesting this afternoon…
@Otumininu will definitely kick me off top two.

@habeebsanni Yoruba Alibi @Youralibi1 won’t let you make it.
@ogeh47, @shona is coming for you.
@Oluwarufus this your number sha :weary:


Basically, noise control


Speaking of rewards, I think the top referrers should be rewarded since they are driving traffic to the platform/posts.


That’s the top influencers leaderboard I just shared.

We are rewarding 10k, 7k and 3k respectively to the top referrers