Zegist Rewards


Oh okay, I thought the rewards were only for top posters. My error.


But the content is needed. As long its not a duplicate and it makes sense, I see no reason for a limit.


Great to see you too @oluwarufus. Been a minute!


:rofl: If you will allow me! @Mira is not playing o :clap:t4:


With the rate at which you are sharing contents?? I hail you ma. You’re the real MVP.




Truth is @Zegist is here to stay.
A platform of intelligent mind.

I believe in sane community as well and there is no better time to set the standard than now when we can still call ourselves to order.

@evansakanno, Will it be possible to see top comments in a topic so we save time and spend more on topics of intrest. Probably in form of a descending order from most liked and replied comment?


Thanks @Alfred

At the moment, you can use the summerize this topic button. You find it at the top of a post when you open the details


This is certainly getting interesting.

At this rate @Youralibi1 is gonna displace me in a few days.

@Otumininu I am rooting for you oo…

@habeebsanni how far? Have you see your Yoruba alibi?


Oh wow!


@mira ain’t cooling down … @Otumininu sef no wan gree :joy:


So true.
Some days ago, I checked my email and saw random topics which for me didn’t make sense but to others they may like it.
Anyways, I would like the admin to review the topics in as much as we want everyone to be heard and also I can’t get my head round the page; permit to use this word( it looks all over the place), you try to reply a post but you end up scrolling up to find the original poster and many more.
Otherwise, you all are doing a great job here.


This is so so interesting…

@Otumininu and @Youralibi1 ride on. Where are our brothers??


This is really really getting interesting.


I just don’t understand how you guys do this!!!..weldone guys



Top three on each category wins 10k, 7k, 3k

Thank you all for contributing and sharing so far.

Winners will be announced by midnight on March 30th


Well-done @ogochukwu your story on Body Shaming is one of the top stories of the week.


Thank you, I’m delighted :grinning:


@Chum_Sky welcome to the top 10.


Yeah! You can reach the top 3 @Chum_Sky. Keep sharing :wink: