Zegist Rewards


Thanks dear


@Youralibi1 Yoruba Alabi what magic are you using?


Lmao! Afi Alabi na!
No magic, just the usual buttons


What’s going on…

People are not sharing…

hmmm… what do we do?


People not sharing isn’t really the word on my own part, it’s just people not clicking.

I’ve been thinking on what to do about it too. I think I abandoned my facebook for a while so the small followers just acted like KokobyKhloe’s fans. 🤦

I will work on that. I need to post there often, so as not to make them bored. Let me apologize for the low traffic. I’m sorry.


Hello @Ademola_Ajijola and @Wealth_King, welcome to the top 10. :dancer::dancer:

Our beautiful Iyawo @Otumininu, world class @agbalumo @Youralibi1 @Oluwarufus @pretyprexy @fola, thank you all for contributing and sharing so far… Let’s do more!




@Wealth_King well-done!
At this rate, you will displace @evansakanno soon.