Zegist Trip: Erin Ijesha Visit 2018


Hi guys! :grin::grin:

So @evansakanno indicated his interest in visiting Erin Ijesha waterfall having seen fun pictures from other people’s visit.

Kudos to him, we are on the verge of taking our own fun photographs at Erin Ijesha waterfall! as we low key grant some other people their first visit to Erin Ijesha

In order to make this memory, we need @everybody’s effort to make this happen, so as discussed here Avengers Infinity War - Movie Hangout we will be required to vote to decide the duration of the visit then preferred day of visit.


  • Vote indicates your interest.
  • The earlier we vote and conclude, the earlier we kickstart major plans.
  • Erin Ijesha 1-day visit
  • Erin Ijesha 2-day visit
  • Another Location? Comment Below

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Thank you!


Hi @everybody, please let’s support @Youralibi1 with the planning, in order for this to happen.


hey you pipu that are voting one day, shebi you know that, say you are coming from lagos, its kinda far and you will probably be tired and as such cannot have 100% fun.


I just voted 2 day… But 1 day is fine.


Abeg i want to know if i can baff laidat as the guy in the pilsure. choi my body is doing somewhere.


Yes you can :joy::joy::joy:


oshey!!! bikini to the rescue.


Lool yeah! You’re ready for this


babe, you have no idea!


Gotta get my binoculars…


Emperor Geezy Entertainment






Anyday is fine as long as the timing is right.


Me and my sisters in the south east casted a secret vote Mek una come visit us. :smile:


You guys should decide on the perfect location and we just might come visiting


You don’t want to select 1-day visit, except you want to be wasted after the whole waka.


One-day visit and come back that day? I don’t think I would want that. Trust me, we won’t enjoy the trip/visit because we would be too time conscious. If there’s any possibility of making plans for where we can sleep, then it’s a two-days stuff for me.

Ladies can stay in a room or two, likewise guys. We won’t even want to sleep because a lot of us will be gisting and playing games. It would also help to foster good friendship.

My opinion though.


You want somebody to come and start gay and lesbian talk abi :confused:


:joy::joy::joy: that person can rent a separate room if he/she decides to shake any table here.