Zegist Trip: Erin Ijesha Visit 2018


Yoruba Alabi is typing :tada::tada::tada:


She is typing the date and cost details plus account number :tada:


She has planned every every remain for us to go


Later tonight I will confirm a friend’s dad hotel availability for use and price as well as coaster bus to take us.

As regards date @zoe and I are looking at the last week (end) of May.

Once we sort these, activities template, tips and other details will be shared.
I’ll reach out to you soon.


I can’t get over this name :joy::sob:


Very, very soon :grinning:


@Youralibi1 sure has this sorted… i was shook when we spoke… Well done girly


Aww, Thank you!


I love moments like this. When we create new friendships :heart:


Sure brother i dey o, we need remove some stress biko


Guy you go hate yourself if you try 1 day.


@Adebisi_Alaba_Isaiah brother how far?


Na mistake


Soooooo jealous


Don’t worry, very soon, there would be an organized trip outside Nigeria :blush:




@zoe @Youralibi1 @evansakanno, we’ll consider a hangout outside Nigeria some time abi? ‘Cos of our family members outside the country.



Ghana, Zanzibar, Kenya to see @KubasuInyanya




Your head is there my lady​:grinning::grinning:
Soon come