Zegist Trip: Erin Ijesha Visit 2018


I’ll prolly live my dream through Zegist as it is :grin:


Yeah sure, that’s the plan!


Awww! :blush:


Eh, that’s how I’d have missed this hangout…






Great idea i will love to be a part.


It’s not so bad. My friend went there and did a video blog. It was really interesting.
Check this out https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MzfM_k53m00


I want to know why the updates as regards this trip is yet to be known.

Is it that it’s been cancelled. I need to know so I can adjust my timetable please.

Yoruba alabi aka @Youralibi1, @evansakanno, what’s the 911?


Hello @zegisters thank you for your feedback so far, 44 people voted for the Erin Ijesha trip.
66% of us voted for a 2 day visit , 33% wanted a 1 day visit and @Udy_Inyang wanted another location.

The next thing is to vote for a suitable 2 day visit. I and @Youralibi1 spoke and she has been making really interesting plans about leaving on a Friday evening, lodging, spending the next day at the veue and returning in the evening.

Let’s vote again for the date.

  • 18th - 19th May
  • 25th - 26th May
  • 1st - 2nd June

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No, it’s not been cancelled.
Plans are underway to get cost of the trip so we can let everyone know the amount to pay.
Hopefully in a week we can get the price across and agree on a date for the trip.

Please bear with us.


Our Avenger Premiere nkor?


hi @lifeofesse, how ya doin, missed you.


Reservations can only be made when the movie has been released and the time schedule is out. Payment details will be shared shortly so we can pay in time.


Hi @geezybee I missed you more. been good. work been crazy o jare. most especially that “i dont give money out on a monday” chief. i am beginning to think that man enjoys my company.


hahahahaha. doh kpele


shuu, so he has not paid you?, whats his excuse now?


He wants to run another print and ends up saying “Mo ma sanwo gbogbo e papọ” i sha didnt agree. He has been inviting to one network meeting or the other…in his mind he is doing me a favour.


you know that thing called “patience”, just exercise it on his head.