Zegist Trip: Erin Ijesha Visit 2018


lol…i am just respecting our elders as tradition demands.


Intresting …



Hi Guys! Hope you had a good night rest?

Well, first let me give everybody assurance that our Erin-Ijesha trip has not been abandoned.
Plans have been underway to sort travel, accommodation, and more.

This post determines the announcement of fee for this trip in 3 days.

So far, the best price we got for transportation is a 30-seater coaster bus at 150k for 2 days.
What do you think?

  • Yes, This is okay.
  • No, it’s not okay.
  • I have a better option.

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As regards accommodation, we have 2 options either getting a suite (probably 2) with enough room to take a lot of us or get single rooms with 2 people in each room.
Who’s excited?

  • 2 per room! :smiley:
  • Suite, please :relieved:

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Foodies get in here, please note there’s no plan for food right now asides getting suitable spots for us to buy food but please we need you to indicate allergies if any and foods you’d rather not have. (Quote this line to indicate) Thanks.

Which of these would you rather have in your goody bag?

  • Zegist Sticker
  • Zegist T.Shirt

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For entertainment, there’ll be music (share playlists if you can) , we have boards games, quizzes, and of course Truth or Dare.

  • Yay, this will be exciting!
  • No, I don’t like to have fun.

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Please guys, try to vote between now and Monday so we can know the travel fees and start making payment.

Do share any idea that can make this trip a success and brands that can leverage on this.

Thank you!

cc @zegisters


How much are we paying per person?


How many days have we agreed on?



If it’s a 2 day trip, we ought to make it a Friday evening trip to the hotel at Erin Ijesha. The bus should leave latest 4 pm from Lagos and arrive Ijesha at 7 pm latest.

We can do a small get together from9 pm till 11 pm (food and drinks) at the hotel’s restaurant.

Next day we visit the water falls and have other activities. Sunday morning or noon, we leave Ijesha for our various destinations so we can resume work on Monday morning.



Please when will this trip be? Certainly not this month for me. June, please. Thanks.


I think you guys should leave Saturday evening, else you’d spend another night at the hotel.
Also, the bus rental price could increase.
Equals to more money…


So we leave Saturday evening, spend Sunday morning and noo. at the waterfall then head back home Sunday evening?


Plix I agree with @Mira:100:
Say first or second week of June, so I can pay with my esusu money.


Ermm … To enjoy your hike up the Waterfalls, it’d be a good idea to;

  1. Start a fitness routine before traveling…(I should practice what I preach)
  2. Try not to wear a"precious" pair of shoes… Wear something with good friction, also carry a pair of slippers…
  3. Change of clothes
  4. No wigs😂. Speaking to myself again.
  5. There’s an entrance fee… just FYI


I am super excited about this trip. I will love a 1st and 2nd. Leave on Friday evening return on Saturday evening. This should cost less as it will mean just one night at the “SUITE”. I am not sure of this Two in a room thing.

@Youralibi1 am worried about the food part. Can we at least have snacks or drinks from Lagos? So we don’t get super reliant on eating out.

@angie how do we do this fitness routine you speak about? Some of us only work out our brain. Asking for a friend.

I would like that we keep the bill to not be more than 15k so we can have more people come along. Shey we have big men like @NaijaLander to sponsor sef, I am not worried.

One of our learnings from the Avengers Hangout was that people didn’t pay on time so it made @zoe and @Youralibi1 not know how many tickets to buy. Can we start to pay on time tho?


So the trip is for June 1st and 2nd.
Payment will be 15k each.

Payment will be made to 0086607255, Diamond bank, Atere Olubunmi.

Please, DM your proof of payment, your full name and phone number as soon as you pay.

It’s compulsory.
Thank you.

Sorry, I forgot to mention, there’s plan for snacks and drinks for everyone during the ride.

Which will you guys prefer:

A. We leave Lagos early on Friday (3hrs trip max), visit the waterfall,head to the hotel and leave on Saturday


B. We arrive Ilesha (30mins away from Erin ijesha) on Friday, chill then Visit the fall on Saturday and leave for Lagos from the waterfall.

  • A
  • B

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@angie thank you!


Haha. The fitness gurus, where you @?

  1. Anyway, I’d suggest you start with walking to places that aren’t far…Eg, if you don’t live far from work, walk to and fro.

  2. Gentle 10 minutes jog around your compound before / and after work.

  3. Walk to the Stadium on Saturdays, then graduate to jogging. Or drive to the stadium, then do a fast walk or something round the stadium, and drive back home.

The important thing is to start. Start gradually though. And if you can, go for a routine check-up before you start exercising… Especially for those who have never exercised.

Kikiki… I laugh in French.
@NaijaLander love. :yum:


You’re welcome.
Well done for all the time and efforts you’re putting into organizing our hangouts.


@Youralibi1 what are we getting for N15,000 per person ?


I’m glad to help, thank you.


There is a problem with this B option, remember @Angie said we need a change of clothes after we visit the waterfall, so if we are heading back immediately, how and where do we change?


Sisteh maka why is the money 15k each, is it because @evansakanno said it shouldn’t be more than that?

Remember, you made a poll on the bus cost and minority thought it wasn’t good enough.
If we paying this amount, does it mean the bus amount you got still stands.