Zegist Trip: Erin Ijesha Visit 2018


So what kind of hair should I wear then, is crochet braids recommended.
I don’t want to cry after enjoying myself oh.


Lol. Crotchet braids is fine.
Just mentioned the wigs because that’d be quite inconvenient .


Can we have a breakdown of what the N15,000 is for ?




Hi guys!

Here is the budget, for at least 20 people’s payment expected from Zegist and we can open the extra space to the public.

15k x 20 people = 300k

Accomodation: 80k - This is the price of 8 rooms. We are still looking out for suite/apartment to negotiate and the price can change.

Transport as explained 150k for 2days until we get another bus.

Ticket 10k for 20 people,
1k for parking and 1/2k for Camera.
If you’re coming with a camera, they charge extra for it.

Snacks: 10k

Drinks: 5k

Water: 3k

Goodbag - Shirts 40k at 2k each for 20 people. Extra 5k for add-ons

This already totaled 304k.

@geezybee no, I didn’t jump at 15k because he said the funds should not be more than 15k.

I’m still on the look out for another bus that can cost less, I shared with you my best find.

The vote had more people saying it’s okay than it’s not with no one having any option though just 7 people took the poll.

Update will be communicated as it comes.

Please, share your views.





Well done… N15k sounds like a very fair deal.

I do hope ‘cliques’ aren’t going to be made on the trip such that all the ‘life of the party’ pack themselves into one room.


Hopefully not :blush:
There’ll be interactive moments, that should help get everyone talking.


Do we have cliques in this community though?


Stickers just arrived!!!




I wantttttttttttt :star_struck:


please when is the day?


Gentle reminder, 23 days to go.

June 1st and 2nd.


Good morning! Hope everybody slept well?

So we have 19days to our Erin Ijesha trip.
We’ve only one person’s payment so far.

I’m thinking we put up a flier on Zegist’s social media pages and have others get involved.
As mentioned, we will open 10 seats to the public.

Hopefully, we are able to get 20 Zegist members to make payment.

What do you think?


I think that you should give a deadline for payment.
That way you can adjust your plans…
Such as renting/hiring a smaller vehicle, booking less number of hotel rooms, etc.


Thank you @Angie.

So guys our payment deadline is May 21st so we can make necessary bookings.

If there’s any reason why payment is been/will be delayed. Do share if you can.

Fee: 15k each.

Payment will be made to 0086607255, Diamond bank, Atere Olubunmi.

Please, DM your proof of payment, your full name and phone number as soon as you pay.

It’s compulsory.
Thank you!


Chief Planning Officer! Well done




Hello @Youralibi1 can you make a smaller plan? A smaller bus etc so we can know what to do just in case.


Maybe if those who eventually pay aren’t so much and we have people amongst them with cars and willing to drive, that might be an alternative.