Zegist Trip: Erin Ijesha Visit 2018


Not sure about driving though. Seems the adventure is nicer when we are all together in one bus. Even if its a 14 seater


True that… I didn’t think about it from that angle.


Alright then. I’ll share details asap.


Can we stay the weekend? :roll_eyes:




@Youralibi1 / @zoe many people here are showing interest.

@atynukeh is looking to subsidise the bill.

Are you guys available to meet sometime today?


the subsidy would help a lot


I meant to negotiate it lower. She is our Key NEGOTIATOR, popular for making services and products worth 50k end up being 15-25k


Sorry guys for responding late, been offline… I was able to get a 16 seater bus but the driver is yet to confirm his availability or give a price.
I’m to call him by 2pm today to confirm.

But then if any one can get us an alternative please do let us know.



Sorry, I’m just seeing this. I’m not around at the moment. This weekend will be fine.


Ohh, I’ll have her speak with the driver once he confirms availability and price.


According to previous votings, most people settled for a 2 days visit not the entire weekend. I doubt others will want this given most people have to resume work the Monday after and this will require staying 2 nights which will cost more.


So I called the driver, as it is he needs to hear from his superior before reaching out. He promised to give full details by tomorrow.


Hi guys, Good morning!

Here is the update as regards our trip.
I was able to get a 15 seater bus for 64k.
Please note: this is a regular bus from the park.

As regards accomodation, there’s been difficulties getting a suite so we’ll have to settle for rooms.

I’m to finalize with a friend whose dad has an hotel there, room size, what price and numbers of people to be allowed into each rooms. By noon, this should be sorted.

The budget for each room is 5000 for 5 rooms, 3 people per room for now.
When I finalize with her, changes will be communicated.

Calculations du jour :point_down:

Transport - 60,000
Accomodation- 25,000
Ticket - 8,500 (6,500 pass/ 1000 - parking / 1000 - camera)
Snacks - 10,000
Drinks - 5000
Water - 3000
Shirts - 40,000

Total: 151,500.

According to current expenses, payment will be #11,000 each.

@atynukeh please share your contact.


@zegisters What are your thoughts on the Zegist Erin Ijesha weekend trip? Its only for 11k


As much as I would love to go for the trip, 11k is luxury right now. You guys go have fun.


At the risk of drawing your plans back…

Leave Lagos Saturday by 6am, leave Erin Ijesha by 5pm… No hotel
For this hangout, remove Zegist T-shirt…
Transportation cost might reduce since it’s one day.

It’s just a suggestion ooo.


I think your suggestion is cool. It will reduce the cost per head and increase the number of those interested. Better still, make the shirt optional. As it’s obvious a lot of people do not have that much money to spare @evansakanno @Youralibi1 I think you should look into this


So guys here is the latest development, @Angie suggested this :point_down:

THis is fine by me, but everybody has to agree.

If we consider Angie’s suggestion our expenses will be as detailed below.

Transport - 32,000
Ticket - 8,500 (6,500 pass/ 1000 - parking / 1000 - camera)
Snacks - 7,000
Drinks - 2500
Water - 1500

Total: 51,500

Payment will then be 3,500 each.

If you want t.shirt , that will cost 2000 extra.

So guys let’s decide.

  • I stand with Angie :fist:
  • I prefer our initial plan :+1:

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Let’s do this guys, time is fast approaching.
@mira please invite everybody.


Hello @everybody, please your votes are very important in order to finalize the plan for the Zegist hangout taking place very soon.

Don’t forget to vote and of course avail yourself for the hangout if possible!

Thank you! We love you! :heart_eyes::dancer: