Zegist Upgrades 1.0


Hi everyone!
We just updated the Zegist header image. Please let us know what you think. Here’s the old one as a reference.

Lets Talk About You
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it sucks. Use images from Nigerian street photography. Maybe link said image to the photographer’s media pages.


Tunde I actually second this too…

I think the new tech background is giving off the tech feel… We need lifestyle.


This is dope for Tech but for a Community like ours… Mbanu!! I second @NaijaLander Nigerian photography will do justice


I suggest you replace the "Join the Conversation, blah blah " with the photographer’s details. or maybe a quote.


Hi guys, I also think that users should be able to view the profile picture of their friends and enemies as a full screen image. I trust that’s something that can be worked on.:+1:


Second dat … Nd av been aving issue changing my dp


Supported!!! :+1:


Thanks for your feedback… we are working on the simpler things that will improve the user experience…

What do you guys think of this? @pretyprexy @theunofficialomotayo @NaijaLander @Darryice @Aje @fola @yeye @yvonne @ewomazino @judy


As for mi dis is :metal: :+1:




I love it !


We don’t have enemies on zegist o…




Ah ha! I love this


This is way better…

Lit :fire:!!!


Hello guys, I know we have more creative people here than we know. So I am throwing this open.
We need a new headline for Zegist to occupy the top area.

Join the Conversation

A community of people sharing their opinions on various topics of interest.

So can we all suggest a better replacement? @fola @yvonne @pretyprexy @sucre @TundeMason @Judy etc.

I’ll go first…


Real Talk by Real People

Lets gist about breaking news, lifestyle, relationships, entertainment, tech and other cool stuff.


The above headline works with the existing subtext. (My opinion)