Zegist Upgrades 1.0


Nope. Lemme try again


We’re becoming supernaturals. I see green on mine :running_man:


Oh now I see green and I think it’s cool. Reminds me of the green lantern cartoon :joy:


Hahaha! Spot on. :green_apple:


is it possible to block a topic from showing on one’s TL?


No! Kiloshele?

Send a DM too if you need my help…


@Judy @abnetz

It shows when you’re active…

cc: @evansakanno @Oluwarufus


Nothing really. I just wanted to know if that is possible


Aaah nice! I like the green lantern, does that one show only at night? :roll_eyes:


I think if you scroll down on the thread, just above suggested topics.

You will see a module that says “tracking” or "watching’.
Click on it will reveal a drop-down menu, scroll down the menu and click “Muted” or “Normal” (depending on what you want)

I hope I understood your question properly


Thank you for that one. Thanks a lot :hugs:


Is there are distinction with the green glow and the red glow?


Cc: @Oluwarufus Will explain better…

Over to you…


@Zegist hi,

I think there is a bug with the chat box that pops up when you click the DM icon, the text field doesn’t display more than 3 lines.



Any better now for you @NaijaLander ?


The green glow is a glitch while the red glow shows on users that are currently online.

Kindly share screenshot of pages with green glow and we’ll fix.


Hello @Zegist. I want to thank you for being a sane social media platform. Just a few things I’d like to suggest:

  1. I think the DM feature needs to be upgraded
  2. I think I should be able to select the categories I am interested in following so that it can streamline the topics that appear on the homepage when I login…

I know this is a whole lot of work for you and I am very confident that you will get it done because excellence runs in you. I look forward to an excellent version of you. Thank you


Oh okay. No more greens. It’s fine now.





:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:the whole of YABA came today…