Zegist Upgrades 1.0


difficulty loading Zegist from mobile phone browser. Kindly assist.



Ive been busy with trainings here and there.

Missed my people on @Zegist
I like the share buttons. Pretty cool.
@evansakanno @pretyprexy

You guys are doing something awesome.


Thanks dear…


@Zegist kindly fix the menu bar overlaying the chat box. It overlays everything really.


Working on it…



image upload error. Kindly assist.



Hi @Zegist I can’t seem to open the tech category with my phone. Can you kindly look into it?


@NaijaLander and @Kachie , has these been fixed now?


@Zegist please what happened to the profile pic feature?! I cant seem to view any profile picture


No, not yet.



The password recovery doesn’t work. Someone here has been trying recover his password all weekend. Thanks


So sorry @NaijaLander.

We’ll look into this today.

cc @Oluwarufus


try again now.


I also have a complaint. I’ve been trying to edit my bio but when I’m done typing, the Post, share and tweet buttons below won’t let me see road to click on save edit. What to do? @evansakanno


Okay. thanks.


Hi @Zegist,

Is there a limit on data used on each thread. I’m unable to upload music on a certain thread. Thanks.


No…only your network might delay it…


Music upload stops after the 75% upload mark. Kindly rectify. Thanks.


I tried uploading yesterday and it was successful. But you’ve not had such issues before… Have you?


@Zegist I agree with that. And maybe the menu bar should dock it self when we’re not scrolling too. And I think it’ll look better if we can only see the bottom panel (Built by Cregital) when we scroll to the end of the page.