Zegist Upgrades 1.0


Merry Christmas in advance guys! We developed this snowflakes effect to remind everyone of the joy of the festive period.

Lol, if we can’t get snow in real life, we can get it on Zegist.


@ogeh47 Sweeeeeeeeet


:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: Abi o…


I love the effect, it’s beautiful


I love this! I wish these were real snows though :confused:


There are beautiful actually​:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:


The falling flakes are cool :smile:
Merry Christmas in advance!


:musical_note: Snow fall on me :musical_note:


hi @TundeMason,

Kindly rectify below. How is the mobile app dev coming along if you don’t mind me asking ?

See how the Nav bar overlaps with the menu? that’s uncomfortable.



on second thought, maybe remove this:


Okay… We fixed this last week… They will do it again…


I think this should go too…most people use zegist based on recent and trending topics not categories.


Saw something about a user card in my profile… what’s that?


@Zegist The category bar is constantly moving up and down in my browser… I think it has something to do with the snow effects…


Please how do I navigate back to the mobile mode oh??!! I was playing around and saw desktop view in the category option, now I can’t get back to the mobile view and I’ve gone to settings still nothing is coming up. Cc @evansakanno @fola


Hello @Judy visit this link instead: www.zegist.com?mobile_view=1


My header isn’t so responsive.

The option button, search are not working.
But my profile picture button is working.
I can’t get to my DMs too.

Using Google Chrome on my Samsung phone


This is why I had to go to the desktop view initially. The header wasn’t working properly.


Thank you Sir!! It worked!! :blush: @evansakanno


Cc @evansakanno attend to this please… I’m experiencing the same. Headers not working properly. Thank you :blush::slight_smile: