Zegist Upgrades 1.0


Okay, will look into this immediately.


My header works perfectly now.


Thanks Anie!


Thanks for your feedback on this, it has been taken out.


Thanks for all the feedback guys! the top navigation has been taken out on both desktop and mobile devices. And more will be done to ensure the best experience all around.

Thank you.

  1. Can you see my search parameter? No. Neither can I.

  1. I went anonymous and changed my display name to TheJudge, anonymous user names are switched by the system, now when I went anonymous at another time, and I tried to change to TheJudge again, apparently its take, The Judge is officially taken by an anonymous user. get it ? This means no Zegist user can ever register as TheJudge

  2. Find a way to display gifs and gifs not as videos.



Hi @Zegist,

I’m unable to change my username. Why ?


Zegist’s footer needs to be updated. We left 2017 some 29 days ago


cc: @ogeh47 @TundeMason


I love my black Zegist…


This is so cool. Please how can I activate the night mode on my phone?


Go to Profile, Click on settings, Search and click on Interface, at the top you would see Theme and there you find Zegist Dark or Zegist Light… Click on Zegist Dark… Dazzal…:crazy_face:


Yayyyy! Got it. I’m on a dark mode now! :hugs::hugs:
Thanks a lot b!


I love this black mode!! Yeyyy!!! :blush::blush:

@pretyprexy, thank you for the tip on how to switch to the dark mode.


Unable to sign in using Facebook:



Is this better now?


You’re welcome @Kachie and @Mira


@pretyprexy Thank you for mentioning the availability of a black theme jare. I thought the white just looked ‘bleh’ and was patiently waiting to see if there’ll be an improvement before commenting. The black interface is so lit!


Wouldn’t be a bad idea to place the interface button somewhere closer and easier to find.


Hey Zegist fam, please is it just my PC or do ads now pop up here?
I just fear that my system has being attacked by an adware/malware!