Zegist Upgrades 1.0


I agree with @NaijaLander i hope they consider building an app for Zegist. I know of people complaining about having issues using the mobile site as it seems to only work well on desktop.


Gbayii agbalumo


Hello @NaijaLander thank you very much man.

We have been evaluating ideas for a mobile app for the longest time now. Most recently we have been looking for a mobile app developer as we do not currently have the capacity to build in-house @cregital for now.

On ads promoting Zegist, we have done this from time to time, however, we are considering more invite-based marketing as this is the best form of marketing for online platforms.

We have quite a number of “visitors” on this platform however only a few convert to members. Probably cos they are shy to offer their opinion on some of the topics we discuss.

Thank you for your offer to invest in the platform, we have spent quite some money in our yester-years. If you have a good offer, let’s discuss in camera.



:+1: :+1: :+1: :+1: Plenty thumbs up to those behind these impressive upgrades. Came online this night and saw some beautiful changes. The color, the theme… Everything is just so very nice.


It making sense right now … i wish to see zegist on a new wavy level in years to come … if it not on the same level as facebook … at least it can be on a whole new level … am i making sense??


Thank you @Kiitan.

I did today’s upgrades… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Everything looks very good to me :grinning: . ***Please don’t forget the profile pic thingy too. Maybe we could get a full view of the profile pics.


I’m thinking we could create video stincts and micro ads that will amplify/paint exactly what Zegist is about to anyone who views them. We all know conversions from video ads are higher than text and still picture based ads (especially when a lot of thought is put into them).

I’m open to talks about this since this is what I do.


Sell yourself well.

Sha don’t forget that we have pending work.


I’m so happy about what I’m seeing. Well done guys @evansakanno :muscle:


Lol…I won’t be necessarily doing this as a client’s project. I’m a part of Zegist so that means I’ll also be partly investing (if that route is considered)


In order words, I am a client and Zegist is not.



Lol…I didn’t even see what u typed above clearly. Call me and read it out to me.


Wait on.


I’m still waiting o…You know I can be a very patient somebody :wink:



Mtchewwwwww… :joy:


Hey guysssssssss,

I don’t know where to start from…

But first,

  1. I’ve missed you guys alot this past few days… Bin extremely busy…its the last few days of work here so I’m trying to rap up all my stuff… I’ve missed everyone… All my gist partners @Fola @judy @Darryice @Kiitan @theunofficialomotayo @Aniekan @W.O @Mopelola_Ariyo @NaijaLander and everrrrryone…
  2. The upgrades are just lit… Shooooo… I logged in and couldn’t recognise my Zegist again :joy::joy: I’ve always loved black as a theme for any chat site as this… The rounded icons are wow… I could jump on everyone who did this but ermmmmm… I won’t… :confused: Thank you… Thanks a bunch… I’m loving this…
  3. Good news!!!
    My kindergartens are graduates :mortar_board: Now :dancer::dancer::dancer:
    For those of you on my IG and twitter would know how much I love my kindergartens… I’m yet to get over the excitement… I’ll miss them tho :sob::sob::sob::sob:


Wow!!! I love the show of love you guys have got for zegist… Same to @NaijaLander @Darryice
I didn’t create zegist but whatever anyone tries to do for zegist hits the soft part of my heart… :sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart:


Missed u too small @pretyprexy …but u know where we meet now! Instagram! Na me and u oh.
Glad to know ur kindergarten kids are now graduands. And the holidays are coming yea?
I hope this weather cooperates so we can have our hangout o. Can’t wait to meet u :blush:

PS: I love the new emojis again @evansakanno :star_struck::crazy_face::woman_cartwheeling::woman_cartwheeling:


@evansakanno you removed the Online Members, I think you should put it back.