Zegist Upgrades 1.0



I’m loving it here…


Guys!! So I discovered I could save Zegist on my home screen instead of going through chrome as usual, and it feels just like an app for the time being before we have the real app.
If u haven’t tried it before now, u should! It’s super cool. Now zegist is just a click away.

P.S: well done guys for the upgrades I’m seeing. It’s cool :sunglasses::raised_hands::muscle::ok_hand:

Cc @Mira


A little observation
The menu bar comes on top of the comment box, making it difficult to see what you’re typing via chrome.
Can we have the menu bar sticky on top.
Big ups @Zegist. I feel at home here!


Thanks @abnetz. Can you send a screenshot and tell us what device.


From a Samsung A7


Experiencing this too

Samsung J7. Google Chrome and when I open from Facebook (in-app)




@oluwarufus @evansakanno @ogeh47 @TundeMason


Observation made. Still same tho at the moment. But I like what I see - as per the upgrades.



We are working on it… Ok?


I trust! :slight_smile:


I love the footer I’m seeing!!!

Going anonymous is so easy now :wink:
And then messages :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: it goes down in the DM

Well done everyone.
Great job here


Calm down… We arent completed.


Yeah noticed


What I can see here is so beautiful right now… I thought I entered the wrong place lol the upgrade is making my phone beautiful.


Guys I just started noticing this today oh. The menu bar is covering other options. Never noticed it before o


cc: @Oluwarufus @evansakanno


Thanks dear…it’s been fixed :ok_hand::ok_hand:


I like the new menu. Great job. Thanks


Getting there. :+1: