Zegist Upgrades 2.0


I’m still observing shaa, in regards to the feedback. But so far, I can only give you guys this :+1:. The site looks splashy :smiley::wink:


@ogeh47 @evansakanno Thank you ooo. Una do well o


Well-done @evansakanno and @ogeh47…this is really welcoming


My phone feels like a brand new, with this new upgrade.

Bravo guys!!!

It’ll be cool too if you can introduce “night mode” option like Twitter.


Nice work guys…

Yup… maybe cos my sight doesn’t do well with light and thin fonts as :nerd_face::nerd_face:. The mobile interface looks clearer than the desktop layout (I have to squint a bit to see this clearly)


Hi Drew,

Thank you for this feedback, we will definitely fix that.


Yes, @Mopelola_Ariyo

We definitely have this rolling out as one of our updates.

Thank You.


This has been duly noted.


Right? Caught you both very early this morning online. :+1::+1::+1:


You are in luck, we are actually building this…


LOL. @aniekan too was online…


Oh i understand what you mean… We will update it.


Yeah, I did too.

@Aniekan was also online.

I just came and left.


the interface is really cool


Yeah I know. I was talking with regards to the zegist updates though.


Yes Sisi, I saw y’all and a couple of others too.


Heyyyy thanks!!! We really appreciate the support and the feedback.


a friend registered but couldn’t verify account when the link sent to the email was opened… referred to a blank page @evansakanno @ogeh47


what’s your friend’s name?


@dhamie is her handle