Zegist Upgrades 2.0


where is the Share Feature ?


Hey Funsho, we are working on displaying this on desktop as well, but for now, its the floating share button on your zegist mobile homescreen


Hey everyone,

With the new share feature, you can now share contents easily to Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp and LinkedIn. Let’s continue to share our thoughts and opinions with the rest of the world :grinning:.


We need a mobile app oh! Can’t believe this is my first time here this year!


Yes oo… We will.

@thelovedoctor welcome home. @mira do we have cold drinks?


Home made cold drink from Zegist kitchen!!


Hello @thelovedoctor drink this one first and cool down.

We will have an app by June latest.

For now you can just add the zegist link to your home screen.


@Mira see scam, you sent me a picture and drank the real thing yeah? I’m watching you.


Lol… I love you too!!

There is always love in sharing. We are family!


wawu can’t wait for the App cos it’s really gonna be loved by all​:raised_hands::raised_hands:




Thanks Funsho for this snapshot. What device are you using please?


Hey Guys so we have created the share buttons on the desktop as well to help make sharing easier for every one.


Kindly rectify:


Cc @ogeh47


Thanks, looking into that now




Align with search bar. Cc @ogeh47


Night mode is Bae :heart_eyes:

I just realized the feature’s been added.
Well done guys.




Hey Zegist team, please why is there a slice of cake to my username?