Zegist Upgrades 2.0


:joy::joy: I saw it and thought you did that. I was tempted to ask what it meant.


Please that’s not me :joy::joy::joy: It’s making my name look dramatic


its to signify your Zegist buffday. The day you joined Zegist


Awww… That’s so sweet Zegist!

Hey thank you so much for the explanation @aje Hopefully, I won’t worry about it next year.


I kept on wondering too. I even got jealous at a point, like why don’t I have a slice of cake on mine too?.

My Zegist Anniversary will be next month :dancer:


Mope the foodie! :joy::joy::joy:


Who no like better thing? :joy:


Hi @Zegist,

We need to work on the DM. It’s too basic, the IM chat pop up I mean.

  • no lines separating each message in your inbox
  • No option for emojis or gifs or attachments.



I second them looking into the dm features.
It took me days to figure out that the return option on my phone sends message not the actual “ok” option.
Also, it’s very hard to correct whatever you’ve written if you are typing a long message/reply. The cursor takes you everywhere instead of the exact line that needs to be corrected; it’s very frustrating and I always have to delete the entire message and start again.
Again! I appreciate what you guys are doing; doing an awesome work!


wow @Blessing you’ve been doing a lot of sliding oo :joy::joy::joy::joy:


Thanks guys for loving the platform. We are constantly improving.

Thank you for the feedback


:joy::joy::joy::joy:another angle to my post.
You be the oga of dm sliders




Pls How do I access the night mode?

  1. Step out of your house
  2. Stand directly under the moon for 5secs
  3. Bam! Night mode activated.

P. S: Try step 1&2 again if it didn’t happen the first time. Thank me later bro!


:joy: it actually worked




Hello @zegisters , it seems most users love the dark mode.

Should we make it default setting?

  • Yes, dark mode by default
  • No, set dark mode yourself

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Hi @evansakanno errrr, so been wanting to tell you this. In a thread, let’s say someone makes like 6 different comments or posts 6 different pictures. When I send a reply to a particular pics, it’s kinda hard to know which pics I’m sending a reply to. Unlike texts that you can copy and paste as a quote. Iono, but I feel something should be done about it. And when I want to copy text and paste as quotes so I can reply, it kinda gives me issues.


Not sure if it’s my phone