Zegist Upgrades 2.0


Okay, noted. We’ll continue to improve the website



Is there a way i can type and send a complete sentence in caps without getting this notification: ‘body seems unclear, is this a complete sentence?’ I have not been able to respond in all caps alone.

Also, if i ‘like’ a post by mistake, how can i unlike?

Thirdly, is it possible to have the ‘TOPIC’ Icon on every page, I sometimes look for that topic icon ehn that by the time i find it sef, i would have lost my writing appetite.

Lastly, the personal dm part is quite confusing, sometimes when i am chatting, it seems like i am responding to posts and it confuses me a lot. It will be easier if the personal messages features are different from posts features.

Thank you.


Just click on the ‘like’ icon again


oh ok. I have tried it before but it didn’t work but it did now. Maybe network issue sha. Thanks



Is this the System or a moderator editing my posts?



I am not sure. Let me look into that immediately.


Hi guys, something isn’t working right in the DM section. All my conversations are gone.

Cc; @zegist @evansakanno



Kindly exclude anonymous accounts from being displayed as Online.


@Zegist why am I not able to delete my very old comments? My perception has evolved and I’d like to delete some comments.




:joy::joy::joy: seconded!


They should consider the complaint


I’m sure they would.


Which kain yeye complaint be dat


but on the scale of yeyerity your own pass o :stuck_out_tongue:


Your profile pic looks like you






ewwwooooh! Chaai