ZegistChat: Life Without Design With Habeeb Sanni On Friday By 3pm


The topic “Life without Design” came as a result of the fact that design is very often undervalued. More importantly, when we talk about design, we assume it all begins and end with doing awesome visual materials for communication. However, Design is simply the desire to make things pretty while adding a semblance of orderliness in other to make life easy.


So what does designs help us do.

Can we live without it


i have already learnt something


You guys should stop using fine fine pishures of men here before you allow us start doubting.


Is life all about designs and what does design help us do?


Top Notch!


“Design is how it works”, this is one of the very many quotes emphasising the fact that almost everything about us humans is dependable on design. Look around you, there is a reason why your roof have corrugated sheets, reason why tyres are round and houses stand tall.


Design helps us to make constructive decisions. Hmmm…I doubt if we can live without it because without design, our ability to read books, magazines and newspapers would be gone. There will be a problem of communication and everything will look rather bland.


Design as a term doesn’t just apply to tech design only… Right?


Any scientist in the house will understand design and physics help us decipher the complexity of our planetary system. It makes us understand data and often influence our behaviour.


What qualities should a graphic designer have to thrive and stand out in the profession


So in general term, you would say Design is life itself?


Sure. I was going to arrive at this but let me start by saying we all are designers. This is because we make conscious effort to ensure we look good every day without the help of a stylist. I should also acknowledge the fact that God Almighty is the best of all designers.


Do you think design and art are the same? Or is one inferior to the other?


So wud it make sense to say design is function


Life was part of his designs


We were taught culture is a way of life. And yes, Design is life itself.


@habeebsanni I’ve seen some of your designs on your IG page, your designs are top notch. How long have you been designing? And what advice do you have for newbies like me?


Thanks @pretyprexy for the reminder :heart_eyes: Following with rapt attention


Hmmm…I would say art is an expression of design. So an artist who sketches a car can do so because someone designed that car. It is safe to say Art is a subject of Design and I don’t think they are to be compared because they function synonymously.