ZegistChat: Life Without Design With Habeeb Sanni On Friday By 3pm


Stopeeeeeeeett!! :angry::imp: before we scatter our friendship now oh


This speaks volume!


Based on everything you’ve mentioned, What’s the definition of design?


But a lot of people see design as secondary to art or should I say function as secondary to aesthetic

Have you ever had to defend this


@habeebsanni I have seen ur designs on IG and I initially never knew about designs but I fell in love with them. They’re really beautiful. Well done :ok_hand:t5:


So who is a Designer?

Let’s recall that “Design is simply the desire to make things pretty while adding a semblance of orderliness in other to make life easy.” Consequently, an architect is a designer just like an interior decorator, artist, mechanical engineer, plumber, tailor (etc) merits to be called Designers.


Lol who am I to trespass but sha he is a fine guy. I don’t want to ask that question sha but curious :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:


If designers weren’t designing…

  • Countries would have no flags, companies would have no logos and Olympic athletes would have blank uniforms, leading to massive confusion, a worldwide drop in morale and patriotism, and a very colourless, unimaginative planet.

  • The Internet would be stuck in 1993, with nothing but text-based browsers to help you check email and read websites.

  • Artwork like event posters, wall murals, building signage and public art would be missing.


in other words, the term " designer" isn’t limited to graphic designers alone. :+1:t2::+1:t2:


So in other words, if you can move and rearrange your house to fit your taste, would you call yourself a designer?


So if a design is pretty and functions well, it can be defined as being good?


It takes consistent effort to be a professional designer but my dear, from that point you a re-arranging the house until someone else decides to make a change…you are the designer responsible. :grinning:


A design shouldn’t be classified as good until it solves a problem.


But not a professional one sha o :wink:


I stand to be corrected, i believe the graphic designer profession came to be or became more known with the technological development. Before which we’ve had Country flags and others you mentioned here :point_down::point_down:

We had painters and artist that do these things back in the days


Wow…I love love love this explanations…


I have never had such specific discussion with someone. But like I said, design can have all the beauty but it is not good if it does not solve a problem.


Thank you so much @Judy


How long did it take you


What advice would you give to upcoming designers who are yet to be professionals?