ZegistChat: Life Without Design With Habeeb Sanni On Friday By 3pm


To answer your question, I started designing in the year 2012.

Advice for a Visual Designer like you?

  • Get the right working tools.
  • Streamline your focus.
  • Be in the know (global design trends).
  • Be consistent.


How do you handle creative blocks when designing? @habeebsanni


I’m writing this on the table of my heart with permanent marker




Apart from a PC…What other tools are needed?


I won’t round up without talking about Visual/Graphic Design as a profession. I assume we are on the same page on some of its importance and how life and businesses need design.

Few years back, it is difficult for a kid to aspire to be a Visual/Graphic Designer. This is primarily because, our parents are not aware of its importance and value. They, therefore, often make career choices and this falls in between being a Banker, Doctor or Lawyer. :slight_smile:

We are glad that in recent time, a few of us are woke and we need to keep changing the notion. Surprisingly, most of our parents now use products made by designers and developers (in this case, I mean Whatsapp #LOL).

So this goes out to every Designer out there, keep up the good work. Your impacts won’t go unnoticed.For Visual Designers, you probably don’t know your talent is needed in Advertising, Gaming, Printing, Movie, Broadcasting, and Creative Industry. However you choose to express yourself, love your works, love the world, love design and art and how it connects us all.


Thank you all for the time.

I understand the Visual/Graphic Designers in-house have some questions streamlined to what they do. Please if I didn’t answer such questions, kindly note it is because I am trying to be as neutral as possible. For further questions related to Visual Design, please let’s discuss via DM.

Once again, thank you all for the opportunity. :v:t4:


Thank you @habeebsanni Thanks alot! We had a great time with the chat!


It was good having you here. i learned alot.


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