ZegistChat: Rediscovering Your Career Path With TejuWrites

Another time for an informative, educative and motivating Zegist Chat is tomorrow Friday (15th Sept 2017)…

No matter how much we think we’ve got our career path fixed, some people are still battling with finding peace and joy in their chosen field. They still question their guts to know if the path they chose was really what they were supposed to go for. While there are others, who were once on the right path, but diverted because they thought the shortcut to success was on the other side of the field, but now can’t seem to trace their way back.


So tomorrow, @Tejflow also known as TejuWrites would be here live to discuss the topic Re-discovering Your Career Path.

About TejuWrites:
Teju is a Certified Human Resource Manager and a member of the Chartered Management Institute. She has more than 8years experience as a career professional. She has worked with companies and personal individuals with high referral network. In the past, she has lectured on personal relationships, career success, online business growth and content marketing. She is a contributing columnists across various websites on Career building, Relationship, Marriage, Business growth geared to careerists, entrepreneurs and small business owners. Teju is a lot of things including being a blogger and a vlogger.

So lets keep our alarm clock set for 2:00pm and tell our colleagues about it…


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What about we have a summary of the discussion for those who can’t make it online at that time?


You can check back on this thread for catch-up.


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Do you ever feel like you’ve lost touch with the enthusiasm and passion you once felt about your career?

Remember when you were just starting-out at your first job, all chirpy chirpy and shiny eyed, irritating everyone around you with your enthusiasm and optimism? You probably thought you’d be able to get all sorts of jobs; and that every employer would want to hire you. Who wouldn’t! With your shiny 2nd class or 1st class certificate freshly laminated. You were excited about your prospects and believed that you had something wonderful to share with your lucky employers.

You then landed a job that gave you an inkling of where your career interest should lie. You worked hard on every task assigned, learned as much as you could, and made sure you were on your way towards success. Nothing could stop you as you were destined for that place far and beyond the skies. Your wide eyed optimism was oh, so catchy and encouraging. But after a few years at your first job, reality kicked in. You realize there are no silver lining breaks, there are real ramifications for missing work due to traffic or flood and repercussions for having the guts to leave your desk before your almighty bosses. You discovered that promotion wasn’t going to fall on your laps as quickly as you’d hoped, and that that 2.5% annual raise hasn’t matched the increase in your workload at all at all. In fact, the shiny newness of your first “real” job faded a long time ago and you are almost a shell of what you were when you graduated with honors some years back. Your confidence is flailing and nothing seems to be working for you in the areas of your career. You could swear your village people finally located you, right? I mean, ideally, everyone should know their true calling early in life and find happiness in their jobs or businesses and then go on to live happily ever after, right? Right?

Erm, actually, no. E no dey work like that.

Now that you’ve been in the work-world for quite a while, and have had a series of short-lived jobs with several different companies, have you become cynical or resigned in your work-attitude?


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We all feel a little burnout at some point in our career, every one of us. It has been argued that each person is expected to change careers at least thrice in their lifetimes before finding the career that makes them happy. The days of lifelong careers are now dying with the baby boomers as Millennials are now embracing the style of job hopping. There are now better ways to discover our careers than just following our parents’ footsteps or choosing randomly.

My name is Teju Fola’-Alade and I am many things at once and have got my hands in many businesses. I’m an Entrepreneur, a Socialpreneur, a Writer, a Human Resource Enthusiast, a Relationship & Career Enthusiast, a Digital Marketer, a Freelance Recruiter, a Counselor, a Talk Show Host, a Freelance Trainer, a Content Manager, Planner Extraordinaire and a voracious reader. I’m quite excited to be here today and look forward to addressing any career related questions you might have for me.


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You are what I call a GBogbopreneur

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The perfect career for you would most likely fit the G+P+V formula, which stands for Gifts + Passions + Values. Consider your strengths and passions, and your values—what’s non-negotiable about the way you work?

For me, my strengths include my communication skills, my energy, and my passion. Writing is my core passion and where my talents lie. My values; I have one of the strongest work ethics you may ever come across and I don’t joke with my integrity. So when you add those three together, you get someone who should make a career from communicating with other people. (Writer, Counselor, Coach, Advisory Services etc)
How about you? Use this formula to identify your possible career paths. Share your results with us o.