ZegistChat Season Episode 1


Hello guys, it has been exciting times lately on zegist with so much to learn and share. I bet I am not the only one who has learnt a lot from this platform and we have you to thank for sharing your personal experiences, advising , caring and showing up for the last Zegist Hangout.

Recently we have been thinking about having an offline series for Zegist Chat. The structure is not new as some other platforms have pulled it off. One edge we have is that Zegisters are nice people and they understand how important it is that people have their opinion and should not be bashed for sharing their views.

The idea is to have about 6 members of zegist, have a discussion about a societal problem and this will be recorded and shared. I believe that more opinions can be relatable when you can add a face and a voice to it.

Here are some examples;

I know for sure that
@theoneIke , @pretyprexy @ewomazino @Judy @TundeMason @ogeh47 @fola @theunofficialomotayo @thelovedoctor will like to help out in the chat as a moderator or with the production. Who else is down?

Ideas Ideas Ideas!

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I’m so down for this! Let’s address rape! It’s one of those vices in the society that is being swept under the carpet. As a student of criminology, there was a time my course mates and I organized a court hearing…we went to an actual court and had lawyers present and all that…at the end of the day the victim became more or less the culprit and the culprit became a victim(of circumstance). Rape is being overlooked in this country. People need to change their mentality. Consent has to be given and not assuming that her body language says yes. If the judiciary pays attention to rape,just as they’ve given a 14year sentence for lesbianism and all that, then a worse sentence should be given to anyone found guilty of rape.
Sorry I had to write an epistle but rape is a very complicated matter and here in Nigeria we’re just cowards to face the complexities always taking the easy way out by pointing fingers and not critically examining things. I’m tired and sad!


Great idea actually.




Great idea…I am so down for it


I’m innnnnnnnn…

Waited all my “life” for it…:smiley::smiley::smiley:


I am downnnnnnn!!! no I am Upp for it… Naaahh… I am excited for the above. I am here jawe…:joy::joy:

Ehn? :thinking: Except you want me to cry on camera… me won’t want to be in that episode where it is discussed…

When are we starting…


This is where it shows the realness of the talk now. Why would u cry? Not like we’re bringing people to share their stories na. We address why it’s being swept under the carpet. We talk around it #myopinionthough


Brilliant! Each episode could feature the hottest topics per forum category and end each note with points to take home from each participant. Alternatively, topics to be discussed could be voted for prior to each episode and the topic with the highest votes takes the cake.


Why won’t I cry… I hate when i am incapacitated to do what i really ought to do. Track the goddamn fella, castrate him, hang them by the balls with their hands nailed to their ass… Sorry… I can still cry on the show… :thinking:



Now comes the interesting part. Choosing participants. What would be the criteria? Selection?
Ranking/Rating? Active presence on Zegist? Votes?


I think we should vote who gets on the show, and we should vote the topic too.

It would be only fair that they are zegisters… cos we would love to promote their handle on zegist in the video chat.


So Rape is a big story… which other topics? so we can create a poll


This is where u learn not to let ur emotions control u. In as much as u want to do these,that won’t deter other people that might want to do it. Look at what happened to Oscar Pistorious for example. His anger got the best of him. Now no one is talking about why it’s wrong to cheat but concentrating more on him killing the cheat.
The talk is more or less like a senstitization. Kam dan and drink fanta :joy::joy::joy:


Thank you bae… :joy::joy::kissing_heart::kissing_heart:


Great idea


I think proximity and honest vast knowledge of the subject area.

Ready to listen to and accept peacefully opinions contrary to theirs…we don’t wanna become like our wonderful fighting law makers


:joy::joy::joy::joy: those agberos breaking the laws


Brilliant Idea!