ZegistChat Season Episode 1


This is a great idea. I know this is going to be on for a while so I hope to be a part of this someday and soon. Success all the way.


Looking forward to this…


Nice! I’m in.


I am soooooo down for this, this will make a lot of sense :heart_eyes:


This is great, zegist all the way


This is an awesome idea:+1:


Wow! I’ll consider it a privilege to be there.

Child sexual abuse is one atrocious act unforgivably overlooked in our country.
I’m opportuned to serve as the president of my CDS which is Reproductive Health and HIV/AIDS counselling and Testing.
My people, the stories I get exposed to and have to counsel regularly is making me sick really.
Just google the statistics of children, especially the girl Child, that get abused daily. You’ll fall sick.
And I can bet my “two kobo” that most of us here have stories to tell in that respect while growing up.

This issue needs to be ruggedly tackled.


I like what I see! :smile:


We could also talk about other things… Relationship, career, things happening in the country and it’s impact on the youths…so many things. We’ll definitely need to cast votes


There’s little talk on Mental Health- our culture kind of brushes it aside. I’m not just talking about the deep deep ‘Yabaleft kind of Crazy’, mental health relating to depression etc. It would be nice to have an unbiased, open and non-judgemental talk on that.


Sometime early last year I was depressed. It was a crazy experience. I told my sister about it and what I was going through.

She said: “You won commit suicide? Oya commit na, Mtchew”

Our culture… :joy::joy::joy:


See! And sometimes we don’t like talking about it because we think it’s weak or we would be considered weak. It’s a subject worth talking about.


I understand my bro. I remember telling my mum, i need to see the Psychologist. Typical yoruba woman that she is; She lifted her hands in the air, screamed as the hands dropped back to her head and exclaimed " I reject it in Jesus name, You will not turn mad".:roll_eyes:
Hello ma! I didn’t say psychiatrist o…:smirk: And she says they are the same, as long as it is mental doctors… :joy::joy: I couldn’t help laughing. She took me to the pastor the Next day!


I think you have all you need. Pick a date, have a schedule and lets make things happen. You have alot of people available on Zegist.





Oh my!! Our mothers won’t kill us o…:rofl:


Abi o…



If I ever try dis with my mum (CAC deaconess) na ori oke I go dey till I receive sense


Confirm Yoruba Women at work…


:joy::joy::joy::joy:Them go baptise you with sense…