ZegistChat Season Episode 1


That’s Africans for u oh. I used this line on a friend that wanted to commit suicide earlier this year. Even after seeing a psychologist cos I insisted on it,he still thought of suicide

After I had talked him out of suicide and I thought the phase had passed,he sent me pictures of cutting himself with a blade,just to punish himself. Na so d African spirit enter me. I told him to kukuma use knife to cut it deep and that if I were there I will use shoes to beat the living day light out of him.
He expected my sympathy, but was shocked at my response. For weeks he didn’t write me and he thought I would be scared or worried, I actually was but didn’t want to show it.
I’m glad he’s Ok now.
Sometimes being hard on some people makes them wake up.


Are you serious? :open_mouth::open_mouth::open_mouth: What kind of person is he?


Well he went through a tough time. I think I talked about this once. He was raped by a transgender in Germany. The transgender idiot is German, my friend is not,and reporting to the police is difficult, Germans support their own. So he was raped just like that,the guy even threatened to rape him again and again and kept sending him msgs of how he enjoyed raping him. :unamused:


Choi some people are mental ooo


Wish he can set him up by getting someone with AIDS, invite him to his house, take him to the room, switch off the light telling him they should do it in a crazy way, blindfolded his eyes…then the rest sets in. No be im wan rape


As in ehn very mental. I was shocked when I heard. I wish it happened it Nigeria…he would receive acupuncture on his dick. Plenty needles on that his yeye thing that he used to rape.


Like really??? E deserves it…


Lol seriously or sef circumcise him for the second time by chopping off that thing.

  • Funny encounters with present day children
  • Can youths build Nigeria?
  • Pressures “over-ripe” singles face and how to deal with them
  • First impressions and why it is not healthy to judge people by their first impressions
  • What you want in your future spouse. In other words, your “specs” for a future spouse
  • Are humans (especially men) animals? Something on why it is necessary and possible to control urges.
    (No offence to the guys but ahn ahn, it is more common with you people. Hian!)
  • the untold stories of the unpopular heroes you know: Something about people who are putting their lives on the line for others but are not popular
  • What are the things you can tolerate and can’t tolerate in your future children?
  • About movies, songs and how they influence us greatly
  • Mental illnesses (depression, sadness, feelings of unworthiness, low self-esteem) and how to deal with them. This is really on a high rise in Nigeria especially with the prevalence of social media.
  • Finding joy (related to the previous point though)
  • some cultural beliefs we need to unlearn in 2017: E.g it is solely the woman’s responsibility to do chores in the home :roll_eyes: (my response: it is solely the man’s responsibility to provide for the family :smirk:)
  • Entertainment vs Education in Nigeria: need for balance. Cowbellpedia winner gets “shikini” money, BBN winner gets “boku” money. Are we not misplacing priorities?
  • Privacy in marriage (e.g. “my wife does not need to have my account details or password to my phone” smh for them guys who do this :frowning_face:… I hope they are not here sha)
  • child training: African version versus Oyinbo version. Which do you prefer? which is more effective?
  • red flags in relationships

If you want to gist tech and the future:

  • The world in 2040
  • the fourth industrial revolution and how Africa can prepare well for it

New suggested topics:

  • On mentoring: why we need to embrace the culture of mentoring in this part of the world
  • Single ladies living alone: Good or bad? (So I was chatting with my mom the other day and I told her that when I graduate and have my job, I’ll move from home and rent my apartment but she totally disagreed with me. I didn’t understand why she did. I think it will be good to discuss this)


Hmm. Interesting. :roll_eyes:


That’s sarcastic… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Got the drift. Was about raising the feminist placard. :clipboard:


Really? Why do men think women who request for empathy when it comes to chores are feminists? Except your wife is a full-house wife, your ideal wife will have a 9-5 job. I think it is part of love to help her with the chores (especially if there is no maid). Well, I am not going to demand that he does the chores but he should be sensitive enough to know when I need help and render it.

I canur be doing all the house work and he will now cross leg in the sitting room to be reading paper :smirk:. I think that is rude and unfair (and a lot of men do that).

I am not asking for equality, I am demanding for equity (simply put, render help when I need it).


Women are super humans. Men know this. And that’s why most ensure they pamper, gift her as a way of saying ‘Thank you, my lady’ :stuck_out_tongue:


Love this list


Yes o… Our emotions and expressions sometimes say words clearly than when we voice it out…

Thanks for the list @Opetunde … This makes sense.

I’m saving it.


Sometimes gifts don’t work anymore. it’s just like a man who says he loves his wife always but he beats her and maltreats her… I think it is important for men (and women too) to minister to the needs of their spouses and not just do what they feel like doing for them…


Thank you my dear :relaxed: You should do yours too…