ZegistChat Season Episode 1


This thread has been up for 9 days… What is stopping it from happening?


Good and Necessary facilities which will be available in no short time…

If this must be done, we need the best of equipments…


That means a long time…


No…sooner than you think…


Can we not make the chat all about love, marriage and relationships, I feel like that’s all Nigerian people ever talk about.




:rofl::rofl: I think there is need to be strategic about it… For a start, lerrus whet their appetite with what they want to hear (what we want to hear rather) and then when there are fanz, like plenty fanz, we can now talk politics, football and some reasonable life changing topics.
If we start with an intellectual discourse penren, in this day and age dah JAMB score is now 120, only few people will contribute to it…


you can’t know unless you try but your right, its strategic to wet their appetites first.


Lol very true!


That’s business sense… Get them trapped first, after that, start speading your tent… :+1:t5:


I know because I have tried it here even on Zegist. I opened a thread on changing the mindset of Nigeria and only few people contributed to it.
Precious and Ruth started a thread on future spouse. Omo, see traffic on dah post… You go fear! The category with the highest number of posts is Relationships. The one with the lowest nko? Education.

If you want to catch a monkey, you must first act like one. However, it is not a bad idea to try again…


Trust me, I post politics and historical research stuff here on Zegist and I get 0 contributions. The people who contribute by liking the posts don’t actually read as in read it. @pretyprexy & @fola thank you both for always being here, and you too @Aje, I think @Aje is the only one who actually reads my stuff :joy::joy: I guess its fine, there is always that one person looking for that info.


Yes, when we started out we promoted a lot of diverse categories and had to streamline based on user insights.

Nigerians are very very emotional people and can talk relationships over and over. However we still think it is relevant to discuss other topics online and offline that will drive search results.


You know right? Over and over…


Thanks dear… I gat you always!!!1


I agree, Nigerians are obsessed with the idea of Love & Marriage, one lady on Quora said the Nigerian dream is to get married.

So I wanted to ask, have you considered targeted ads on a monthly basis ? For the forum I mean, don’t get me wrong, I think its growing very fast.


:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: This is really cracking me up. I wanted to post something on the world’s Economy here sometime ago but at some point I had a rethink because I felt people will not say anything to it. @NaijaLander maybe we should start opening more threads on Education, history and politics.

@pretyprexy, @evansakanno, @zegist what do you think of having a weekly zegist topic schedule like say, Monday is Education day. Tuesday is Politics day. Wednesday is Relationship day like that like that. Then everybody is encouraged to contribute to the thread. Do you think that will work?
CC: All Zegisters


That one person is enough reason to keep writing and never stop.


Oh sure but then alot of things happen in the world daily and every minute… We still have to post viral and trending topics…

But i support this so other categories can grow too… But then we stil have to keeep pushing trending topics…


you know what, that is an awesome idea.

You should post still though, I think the forum is growing fast and it would make sense if new users come in and find it flooded with a lot of content. I encourage you to.