ZegistChat Season Episode 1


I will work on that then. Thanks a lot


I tell you… The fastest way to grow a community is by pushing love and sex related topics…

That’s why Oga Jorolomofin is trending na…


You’re right!


Yes we have ads targetted to zegist with a minimal budget though.



that is so true!!!


the mobile app will be a game changer for sure. May I ask what your current budget is on ads, I was thinking you could get social media influencers from IG on here. Like how you got @correctbae to show up. You could get @Krakstv & @rilimilz (I love that guy :grin: )for example to start promoting the app frequently on their pages, better yet, get them to open up a thread.

Just a thought, am sure you already have it all figured out.


Thanks @NaijaLander You know right? We have reached out to some of them.

Just keep your fingers crossed, we gat lots of surprises for the last quater of the year here on zegist… we just need you guys to help and join us in growing this awesome circle as much as you can…:slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face:


Super great idea, this will definitely work, that way we can enlighten ourselves and develop other categories, :+1::+1::+1:


Lol… I don’t think i’m the only one who reads it though… But please do post more and @Opetunde… Do thy bits and help us jawe. I won’t mind some business and financial posts too, then a bit of world news to spice it up


I read some of your post most times o,there’re really insightful, please keep it coming


thank you @fola :slight_smile:


Sir? I’m nur CNN na


Bet you are ONN naa? :disappointed_relieved::thinking::grin:


Awesome idea there.


Most of the topics we raise here are debatable. Everyone would definitely have different opinions to share. For example I got in a conversation about politics with @NaijaLander. The topic “why marriage” is also there. Some people see no reasons to get married. We could bring our topics to life. Talking about it rather than writing about it. It would give people more insight into what we usually discuss in the community. Most people think all we do is gossip, little do they know that we learn everyday here.


Gbayii!! :raised_hands::raised_hands:


:roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes: durh! I am Opetunde. Not ONN…


:joy::joy::joy: Windowww!! We proclaim you ONN


Get thee behind me @Aje :joy:


Gbam! Unlike Pinky and the Brain, who are trying to save the world. She’s a world saver :laughing: cc @Opetunde