ZegistChat Season Episode 1


My brother… See the God that will bless you ehn. I for say gimme your account no lemme bless u but e be like say u get money pass me… So let’s just stick with God bless you.

I’m so tired of hearing that aspect of life. Love, sex, marriage, heartbreak… The thing dey annoying

What happened to governance, finance, leadership etc


:unamused: :confused: Me ke? Jesus is the world saver oh…




The Mobile App please. Is the best idea.
I’ve romanced it several times in my head.
I’ve even saved Zegist on my screen from Chrome browser.


We are working on it.


Anticipating :slight_smile::slight_smile::grinning::grinning:


This is part of our 2018 plans.


You’re beautiful @Mira


Thanks sweetheart.

You’re very gorgeous.


Yea posts on Finance, investments, and this craze about Bitcoins. Really interested. (Who doesn’t like multiple streams of income)