ZegistChat: The Realities of Marriage with Laju Iren


Is dating the same as being married?

Do you really have to put in more work in marriage?

Are there more responsibilities in marriage?

Are there ever changes you might experience
in your spouse when you’re married?

Are there going to be more fights and arguments?

These and more are what we are going to gist about today on zegist.com by 1pm with Laju Iren (@lajuiren ).

Laju Iren is the best selling author of Selfie with Bible Girls, A public speaker, Blogger at www.lajuiren.com and Convener of The Dauntless Conference.

Realities of Marriage
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The way my Uncle and His Wife use to fight every time, Is surprising me o… :woman_shrugging:t5: If they have been fighting like that, i would have ensured it didn’t work to marriage…

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can’t have marriage without fights I guess.


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:joy: I can relate…this is actually fun though, seriously. No serious issue to fight about, just petty ones like:

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  • Babe: You won’t eat what? You want to waste my efforts since morning :smiley:

Its fun!


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Hello everyone. My name is Laju Iren and I’m glad to be here. I want to say a big thank you to the organizers for having me. I’ll also want to say thank you for taking time out to be here.
I’ll copy and paste my bio so you’ll have an idea of what I’m like.


Laju Iren is a Christian saved by grace. She is the President of Have You Eaten, a faith based social enterprise that aims to save, feed and empower the less privileged in society. She is an assistant Pst at Celebration Church int’l, a fast growing church in Lagos, Nigeria under the leadership of her husband, Pst Emmanuel Iren. With a first degree in Mass Communication from Covenant University and a Masters Degree in Mass Communication from the University of Lagos, Laju recently quit her day job for the past five years as a reporter with Vanguard newspapers. Although she is still a contributor at Vanguard, she now spends her work hours doing the work of the ministry and writing about love, life and faith to a teeming audience of over 50,000 on lajuiren.com. She’s quite content with her life job as a follower of Christ, a wife to her husband and a mother to their beautiful daughter.
A relationship counsellor, conference speaker, and mentor to many young women, Laju is the author of Selfies With Bible Girls and Girlcyclopaedia.


Hope you won’t mind if I start with a disclaimer. I’m a ‘bible girl’ so a lot of my answers will be bible based. A lot of people have different ideas about marriage. I think it is safer if we follow the One whose idea it was in the first place.


To save time, I have tried to answer some generic questions the organizers sent me earlier. After which I’ll do my best to take other questions from you esteemed ‘zegistarians’ lol.