ZegistChat: The Realities of Marriage with Laju Iren


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I have a post on lajuiren.com which answers this: http://www.lajuiren.com/?s=i+don't+believe+in+marriage&submit=Search


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The need to be very cautious and open eyes well when courting.


So does the bible preach against or for gender equality ?


Abi o… After that reality go still jam you…

I swear sometimes i use to wish i lived inside those love movies o :bowing_woman:t5::bowing_woman:t5:






This might be tricky.
In our generation society has sadly groomed a lot of women who have a unique understanding of Feminism and Equality.


My take on gender equality is also in my book, Selfies With Bible Girls, in the chapter: God loves feminists. But I’ll share a bit of it here: If there is any time to share thoughts on feminism, it’s now. In many ways, I am a feminist. But I would not raise my hands to answer to the name except I was sure of the definition being used in that particular context. If you define a feminist as someone who is passionate about standing up for women issues, then I’m your girl. But feminism doesn’t have to underestimate the place of men in society or the role of a husband in a home. You can be a feminist and submit to your husband without feeling like less of a woman. Submission is the role of a woman in marriage. It doesn’t make you any less of a woman that not being President of Nigeria makes me any less a Nigerian. As a Christian, you must be more passionate about following God’s word more than anything else. The daughters of Zelophehad show us that we don’t sacrifice our femininity when we do that because God has our back as women.

It is true that there are still a lot of places around the world where women’s rights are trampled upon. In my country for example, many widows still cannot inherit their late husbands’ property and go through hell in the hands of their in laws. We cannot afford not to speak up for gender equality.

However, ours is beyond a call for equality. It is a call for Christ-Centredness. When the eyes of all-male or female-are fixed on him, we can see everyone as we ought to, as people that Christ died for.

Read the book to get the full gist


This words should be printed abeg!!!

Ladies are we listening?


Kindly define submission in this context. Thanks.


This was extensively discussed here:

But again these are diverse opinions. You need to read and evaluate.


Do something about it. And I don’t mean complain. It doesn’t necessary mean something is fishy.


How do you know a guy is sexually active when you don’t have sex with him?

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And I can NEVER be comfortable doing that! Somehow, it doesn’t feel right to be waiting on allowance from my wife’s pay. Chai…May God continue to provide


Feminism and Equality that has got no respect for the man and genuine love for his sanity, is that feminism? Women still don’t get it…



Kindly respond. Thanks.


That’s you but some would gladly wait