ZegistChat: The Realities of Marriage with Laju Iren


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Understand them. Work on your timing and approach, then bring it up without saying, ‘let’s talk’


@lajuiren thank you for coming on board. It has been a very exciting chat so far.

We have had a lot of discussions about love, relationships and marriage and I would like to bring up a few concerns that have been discussed here before. I would love you to give your expert opinion as someone who is thoroughbred in the word as well as experienced as a counselor on a few issues.

  • Some people believe that there is a particular recommended way to pleasure their spouse even in the confines of marriage.

  • Sexual compatibility as a major concern

  • On twitter I also read about someone who recommended cohabitation before marriage

Looking forward to your thoughts.


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Get someone whose religious views she respects to talk to her. Make sure the person believes the same as you though. Be patient, and don’t threaten her.


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Okay na @Oluwarufus you that have been posting about wedding photoshoot and marriage, this is an opportunity, you be there liking people’s question oya bring yourself here.

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@evansakanno ask question, I dreamt you got married oya me want to attend your wedding, oya be a good man and ask questions ehen


No it isn’t. Although some teach that it is. But conscience is an important thing. Even if something isn’t a sin, if it hurts someone’s conscience it is to that person as if he or she is sinning and that isn’t something to take for granted. So be patient, and get someone’s whose religious views they respect to talk to them. Also, have your facts right


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How do we know the right one, we hear, people say they know their spouses cos they got a revelation from God but how can we get that revelation too. Its confusing most times.


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Someone asked a submission question. I think it’s first of all a ‘heart thing.’ If in your heart, you see your husband as the leader, you’ll know what to do as each situation arises. Of course you won’t be perfect, but if you’re willing and teachable, you’ll get it in the long run. Which is why I always advise ladies to submit to someone who is himself submitted to God and others to be on the safe side


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It was lovely meeting you all. Thanks for your time. You can dm me @lajuiren or visit www.lajuiren.com if you have more questions


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