ZegistChat: The Realities of Marriage with Laju Iren


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My last question @lajuiren.

Is it right for a woman to marry deist man. A deist man is a man who believes in the existence of a God on the evidence of reason and nature only, with rejection of supernatural revelation (distinguished from theism ). Such a man for example believes in GOD & prays but does not attend church service. He is guided by his conscience and inner voice not by religious doctrine.

If said man is compatible with the woman in question in terms of personality, would you advise a Church going believer to marry someone like this?

Also do you believe Christians and Muslims are or can be compatible in marriage ?


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Yes @lajuiren do believe in cohabiting before marriage ? Cohabiting for the right reasons not out of desperation.


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I hope everything I learnt here, stay put in my memory…chei, Marriage, another school of its own.


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I don’t believe in it. And won’t encourage it. But I also don’t want to call it a sin. But I don’t think it’s wise. Especially if both your bodies are working fine. You’re more susceptible to sexual temptation that way.


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Very true. @lajuiren How do i deal with this? Understanding when the nothing means nothing or when it does mean something?

what do they do in marriage sef, apart from talk, have kids and maybe pray? What exactly do they do?

Usually, marriages have a way of killing dreams and aspirations, How do you balance your dreams with the realities of marriage?


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A lot of the questions we may have are most likely answered on lajuiren.com. Check out the relationship and marriage section


Oh mehnnnn… This is common i know… but not every marriage has this in it…


I can suggest you study her body expressions and mood too… Its easy to tell this when you know the woman you’re married to.