ZegistChat: The Realities of Marriage with Laju Iren


hello… I have lived with Angela Aje for 22years of her life and I still can’t figure her out, how much Madam bae? Can’t they just be plain with whatever is wrong with them? sometimes, i’m in the mood for drama, and other times, it’s just so plain annoying… Nevertheless, I’ll keep studying her expressions and moods…


Observe. Seek to understand before being understood. Forgive. Apologize. Even when there are fights, remember why you chose each other in the first place.


:joy::joy::joy: serious? But we are very simple tho…


Hmm… @lajuiren Thanks a bunch!


Yes bae… Simply complicated!! :joy::joy:


We ain’t complicated as men




Yeah some men can be complicated at times.

Most especially young guys going towards marriageable age… One minute they want this… Next minute they want that… Confused set of people… I must say…


Well, it is but in the long run, my shoulder begins to ache cos I’m leaning on it most of the time.




So I have come to understand that ladies learn submission while under their father and easily display it when they are in a relationship with someone who acts ‘fatherly’ to them. But in these days, everybody wants to date, court and marry their bestfriend. One problem I notice is; the way a lady relates with a father figure is different from a friend hence the reason today’s woman will claim equal rights with their partner. My question is; how would I as a man know (from dating & courting), that she will be a submissive wife despite her constant arguments and emancipation for equal rights as partners? @lajuiren


define submission. @lajuiren Please define submission. Is there really a need for submission if both parties are partners ?


What I understand by submission is being respectful, supportive and understanding the leadership of a man in the home and all of this become very easy to do by the woman when her husband love her like he love himself and as Christ love the church which is you and I. Love is the basis for submission. First the love of God in us which enables us to love one another. @lajuiren. Can you share more light on this ma’am? Thank you.


I will have to read about this great women again. Very inspiring story of women who stood up for themselves but still in the will of God.


You would know from your relationship with her… Yes people change but people cannot really hide basic character… if you take time to study hem closely, you would know the kind of woman or wife she would be,…


Yeah and its so annoying


Wish I know you, you deserve a hug and a peck for this. You nailed it big time.